SPLOST V: East End Complex


East End Complex 1

Liberty County Community Complex so far has been built in two phases.  Phase 

one was used to demo the old existing school that was on the site.  Phase two which

you see here was used to construct meeting rooms, administrative space, library, 

swimming pool and a playground.

East End 1

All of this work was done using the one cent sales tax or commonly called SPLOST.

In  phase two of this project $3.149 million dollars was spent, not one cent of tax

payer money was used for this project.  Without SPLOST this would never had 

been possible.

East End 2

East End 4

Phase three of this project is dependent on another SPLOST, it would include 

renovating the gym, adding a walking trail and placing a band stand in the green

space.  However without SPLOST this project will not happen.

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