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When looking to adopt an animal

Adopting the perfect pet is not always an easy decision.  Many people decide that they want a small dog, however, that is not always a good fit, especially with small children in the home.  Why you ask?  Because small dogs are more tender and easily hurt.  Children don't often know that they have to be easy or exactly what easy petting is to an animal.  Small dogs do not generally just bite and run.  They often bite, bite, bite in order to get their point across.  Many medium to large breed dogs are better family pets and can be inside dogs as easily as a small one, you just have to be willing to teach them what the appropriate behavior needs to be. Be consistent in their learning process and always, always praise their successes.

You should do breed research on any dog you think you might like to bring into your home.  You can do this by going to the AKC, CKC, and other related websites.  You will gain valuable information on the breed, their genetics (possible disorders like hip dysplasia), general temperaments, etc. 

If you find that you must have a pure bred dog there are many rescues out there that only accept pure breeds.  Take a look at 

This website can put you in contact with many of the pure breed rescues all you have to do is input your search material and it's a very simple and easily understood format.


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