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Find the Public Defender's Office..?
Our Hinesville Office is located inside the Liberty County Courthouse (the older courthouse building) on the second floor. Stepping out of the elevator, our office is around the corner to the right. Please come in and have a seat in the reception area until we may assist you.
Find out what to expect next in my court case..?
Each case is very different. After reviewing our website, contact the AJC Public Defender’s Office at 912-369-6338.
File an appeal ..?
If you wish to file an appeal of your property appraisal, you must do so in writing no later than 45 days after the date on your assessment notice.
Qualify for a Public Defender..?
You must complete a written Application for a Public Defender for this determination to be made.
Get a Public Defender for someone else...?
You may not apply for a Public Defender for someone else (except a parent applying for a Juvenile). After reviewing our web page, contact the AJC Public Defender’s Office at 912-369-6338.
Apply for a Public Defender..?
Contact the Atlantic Judicial Circuit Public Defender's Office at (912) 369-6338.
Find out who my Public Defender is..?
If our office is representing you, any of our staff attorneys may appear with you in court.
Results 1-7 of 7

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