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Apply for a job with Liberty County?
Employment applications and a list of current job openings are available in the Commissioners' Office, Room #201 in the Courthouse Annex.
Obtain a County Record?
Depending on the type of information you need, please see the list of agencies below and contact them directly.
Get appointed to serve on a board such as the Recreation Board?
The Commission makes appointments to several Boards and solicits candidates for representation as terms expire on those respective boards.
Pay a traffic ticket?
For traffic tickets issued by the Liberty County Sheriff's Office, you can pay in person at the County Courthouse or you can pay the ticket online by going to http://libertycotickets.com/ Search by ticket number or drivers license number.
Get my website link on this site?
To provide customers quick and easy access to useful resources that are consistent with the County's mission, and to avoid any perception that the County endorses or provides favorable treatment to any private person or entity, the County is limiting linking to external Web sites from within the County Web site
Does the Census Bureau share information with the Immigration and Naturalization Service, IRS...?
No, individual census records are not shared with anyone, including government agencies or private organizations.
What does decennial mean...?
Decennial means every 10 years. Therefore, the census is called the "decennial census" because it occurs every 10 years.
Exactly who is counted during the Census count...?
The census is a count of everyone residing in the United States: in all 50 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands, Guam, the Commonwealth of Northern Mariana Islands, and America Samoa.
How many questions will the Census entail...?
The 2010 Census questionnaire has 10 easy questions for the head-of-household.
What is apportionment...?
Apportionment is the process of proportionately dividing the 435 seats in the U.S. House of Representatives among the 50 states.
What is the Complete Count Committee...?
The Liberty County Complete Count Committee includes representatives from community-based organizations, faith-based organizations, local governments, media and advertising groups, and businesses that are putting forth their time and resources to ensure an accurate count of the people who reside in Liberty County in the 2010 Census.
How secure and confidential is my Census information...?
Your census information is very secure.
How does Census information affect my community...?
Census data is used to determine the need for social services, including community development block grants and other grant programs essential to many communities.
What can I do to help with the Census...?
Tell your family, friends, and neighbors about the importance of the census, and encourage them return their completed census forms. Word-of-mouth is the best publicity the census can have.
When and how will the Census take place...?
On March 15 2010, census questionnaires are mailed or delivered to households.
Do I have to respond to the Census...?
Yes, your participation in the 2010 Census is vital and required by law - Title 13 of the United States Code, requires your response.
Bring up a topic for discussion at a Commission meeting ..?
In order to address the Board you must first request to be placed on the agenda for the respective meeting.
Find out who my County Commissioner is ...?
To find out who your Commissioner is, call the Elections Office at (912) 876-3310. An electronic search will be available on this website soon.
Know when the Board of Commissioners meetings are held ..?
Regular meetings are held on the first Tuesday of each month at 6 p.m. in the Commissioners' Board Room, second floor of the Courthouse Annex.
Find the Public Defender's Office..?
Our Hinesville Office is located inside the Liberty County Courthouse (the older courthouse building) on the second floor. Stepping out of the elevator, our office is around the corner to the right. Please come in and have a seat in the reception area until we may assist you.
Find out what to expect next in my court case..?
Each case is very different. After reviewing our website, contact the AJC Public Defender’s Office at 912-369-6338.
File an appeal ..?
If you wish to file an appeal of your property appraisal, you must do so in writing no later than 45 days after the date on your assessment notice.
Qualify for a Public Defender..?
You must complete a written Application for a Public Defender for this determination to be made.
Get a Public Defender for someone else...?
You may not apply for a Public Defender for someone else (except a parent applying for a Juvenile). After reviewing our web page, contact the AJC Public Defender’s Office at 912-369-6338.
Apply for a Public Defender..?
Contact the Atlantic Judicial Circuit Public Defender's Office at (912) 369-6338.
Find out who my Public Defender is..?
If our office is representing you, any of our staff attorneys may appear with you in court.
Find the Planning and Zoning Office ..?
The Planning and Zoning Office is now called the Liberty Consolidated Planning Commission.
Request IT Department Support ..?
Effective December 27, 2006 the IT Department will begin using a new work order tracking and scheduling system called Support Trio or Trio.
Get my child safety seat inspected ..?
Child safety seat inspection stations include Hinesville Fire Department 876-4143 and the County health department 876-2173, or for more information visit www.gahighwaysafety.org
What form of payments are accepted in the Building and Licensing Department ..?
The Building and Licensing Department accepts cash, checks and money orders.
Reporting Problems with and suggestions to our website ..?
While we strive to make this site available and as accurate as possible to our users, from time to time errors, incorrect information, and general problems can and do occur.
What is Liberty County's E-Verify Number... ?
Liberty County E-Verify Identification Number - 62576 Liberty County E-Verify Authorization Date - October 18, 2007
Find the cost of a business license ..?
The business license fees are based on number of employees. Below is a chart of the various fees. After July 1st the base fee is 50% off.
Find the cost of a permit ..?
Here is a list of the various permit fees:
Get a permit to re-roof my house ..?
Currently you do not need a permit to replace shingles; however, if you are altering any structural member of the roof a permit may be required.
Get a permit for a yard or garage sale ..?
We do not currently issue permits for yard/garage sales. If you are located in the City of Hinesville you would need to contact Pam Coleman with the Hinesville City Hall at (912) 876-3564 to obtain a permit.
Get a business or alcohol license ..?
For any business located in the unincorporated areas of Liberty County you would apply through our office.
Get a burn permit ..?
Contact the local GA Forestry Office at 912-884-3331
Get a permit to clear land or cut trees ..?
Contact the Liberty Consolidated Planning Commission is reference to any Land Clearing or Site Work operations. Their number is (912) 408-2030.
Find the cost of an Alcohol license ..?
Alcohol License fees:
Get a permit for a fence ..?
We do not currently issue a permit for a fence; however, you are required to meet certain setback and height limits.
Renew my business license ..?
All business and alcohol licenses expire on December 31st each year.
Get a State license to sell Alcohol and Tobacco ..?
Please contact the Georgia Department of Revenue. Their phone number is (404) 417-4490 or visit www.etax.dor.ga.gov/alcohol/index.aspx
Renew my alcohol license ..?
All business and alcohol licenses expire on December 31st each year.
Obtain a license from the State ..?
Certain businesses will be required to show proof that they are licensed by the state before a local business license is issued.
Find out the current millage rate...?
The Liberty County 2008 Millage Rates are as follows:
Find the personal property tax rate...?
Personal property in Liberty County is assessed at 40% of the property's FAIR MARKET VALUE.
Qualify for homestead exemption..?
You must be a legal resident of the State of Georgia (providing proof that you are paying Georgia state taxes), own the home and land for which you are applying for the exemption; and have occupied the home as of 1 January of the year of application. Active duty military residents must show proof of their end of December's LES of the previous year.
Apply for homestead exemption ..?
Applications are accepted year round. However, March 1 is the deadline for submission and approval for the year of application.
Obtain a Federal Tax/Employer Identification Number ..?
This is obtained from the IRS 1-866-816-2065 or visit www.irs.gov
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