Animal Control

Animal Control

Welcome to Liberty County Animal Control

Our mission is to balance the health, safety, and welfare needs of people and animals within the area of Liberty County.

 Our Vision

We envision the day when:

All citizens will be safe from the dangers and nuisances of irresponsible pet ownership.

When animals will not suffer because of human abuse, neglect, or ignorance.

Where every pet born will be assured of a good home, with proper care, including being spayed/nutered and micro-chipped.

Our Personnel: 

Randy Durrence, Director of Animal Control; he grew up in Liberty County and has strong ties to the community. 

Linda Kitchings Cordry, Animal Control Officer; has a B.S. in Biology and has interned on St. Catherine's Island working with endangered species of animals. She also grew up in Liberty County.

Deanne Valdes, has returned to the Liberty County Animal after a short time away.  We are happy to have her back!  She has veterinary care experience!  She and her husband were both Soldiers and they decided to Liberty County their home!!!!!!!!

The newest addition to the Liberty County Animal Control family is David Wesoleck, he served in the military and has made Liberty County his home.  Please welcome him to the Liberty County family!

Rebecca Carter White and Melissa Taylor are our Kennel Technicians.  They do  intake of the animals, and care for all the animals brought into our shelter facility.

The newest position is front desk clerk and member of the animal control family is Morgan Mullis, she grew up in Liberty County.  Please welcome the newest members of the Animal Control family! 


Help Us Help Your Pet

In order for us to provide quality service there are certain things we need including: 

Callback phone # in the event we have questions.  Common questions include,  breed, color, size, collar, or specific identifying marks. 

Address of the resident that the complaint is being made against, if applicable, or good description of the property with road name you need service on. When giving a residential description please include color, vehicles in the drive way or anything else that may help to find the location. 

A general statement of the reason for your call.

Our Service Area

We all strive to provide quality service for our community.  Our officers cover 519.05 square miles (Liberty County) and serve a population of over 63,000 residents.  Please note that we DO NOT offer service within Fort Stewart as they maintain their own animal control facility.

We are a rescue friendly facility.  We have a small facility with many stray animals due to our transient area.  In order to improve the quality of life for the many animals received by us, we rely on rescues to find "fur-ever" homes for as many of them as possible. Please visit Liberty Humane Shelter, Carpathia Paws, and Mom's Transport for rescues.  

We now accept VISA and Master Card!!!  These are the preferred methods of payment.  However, if you must use cash, you must have exact change.... we do NOT provide change of any kind.  So please find out your fees before coming in with cash payment. 

To look for a lost pet, search our registry of found animals:  

lost and found

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Randy Durrence
Randy Durrence,
Animal Control Director

1731 Lee Place Road N E
Hinesville, GA 31313
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