Visiting Liberty County

Visiting Liberty County

Welcome to Liberty County, Georgia – a place for a day, a place for a lifetime!

Here, residents can swim in the ocean and cast shrimp nets in the marshes. Families can hike or bike coastal trails to wind down and disconnect. Yet Liberty County, a mecca for manufacturers and businesses, is connected to the globe by a network of interstates, rails, air and sea ports.

Highly trained engineers, who spend the week manufacturing parts that keep our high-tech world spinning, spend Saturday mornings engineering the perfect golf swing. U.S. Army soldiers, proudly wearing the uniform of freedom, walk the busy business districts of Liberty County, home centuries ago of two signers of the Declaration of Independence. Liberty County is a fascinating portrait of the old South and the new, of comforting tradition and of well-planned cutting-edge progress.

Our visionary leaders preserved what is best about our historic, coastal community, while carefully managing incredible growth and preparing for this new century with futuristic schools, technology and infrastructures. Welcome to Liberty County! We are sure you will love it as much as we do!

Liberty County, Georgia has rich history and is home to many attractions for of which visitors can take advantage. Explore Fort Morris State Park, the Midway Museum, or The Liberty Trail – just to name a few!

Please check out the Liberty County Chamber of Commerce’s Enjoy Liberty page, with more information on local attractions.

Enjoy your visit our historic county!

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