Liberty County DUI Court

What is a DUI Court?

DUI Court is "Problem Solving Court" for multiple DUI offenders under the jurisdiction of the Liberty County State Court. The DUI Court's goal is to confront the substance abuse issue underlying the repetitive pattern of offenders of driving under the influence of alcohol/drugs.

How does it work?

The sentencing judge may sentence anyone with two DUIs in a five year period, or three DUIs in a lifetime to participate. 

After sentencing, the court mandates substance abuse treatment, 12 step meeting attendance, random drug tests, biweekly court appearances and more, as a condition of probation. 

The treatment portion of DUI Court last a minimum of eighteen (18) months and includes a treatment program tailored to the individual needs of the participants. The participant pays treatment fees weekly and must attend weekly treatment groups and random drug testing.   

If the participate fails to meet any requirements of DUI Court program, the judge will issue immediate sanctions, which can include additional community service, jail time or both. If the participant has multiple infractions, he may have his probation revoked.

The goal of this unique program is to increase public safety by confronting the substance abuse issues of DUI offenders and their repetitive pattern of driving even while impaired by applying significant pressure on offenders.

The pressure, includes the usual array of sentencing options; confinement, probation, fines, community service, interlock devices and victim impact panels. The difference is, rather than being primarily punitive, this program focuses on the offenders' issues. It includes direct contact with judges, prosecutors, defense attorneys, probation officers, substance abuse treatment counselors, law enforcement officers, and the whole range of people at area Community Support meetings (such as Alcoholics Anonymous and others) . Hopefully, through those positive interactions and great efforts on the part of offenders, a good number of them will be able to negotiate their way back to good citizenship.

Incarceration has not proven an effective, long-term deterrent for repeat offenders. The DUI Court program creates an ability to utilize Judicial Review in regards to treatment allows for a higher degree of follow-through and accountability for the participants in this program. This will lead to a higher level of treatment success, an in increase in appropriate relicensing of eligible offenders, and most importantly increased public safety.