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Atlantic Judicial Circuit

Public Defender

Brandon Clark


Hinesville Office                                          Darien Office

201 S. Main St, Suite 2400                            Post Office Box 1591

Hinesville, Georgia  31313                            Darien, Georgia  31305

                                                                       103 Jefferson Street

912-369-6338                                                 912-437-3880

FAX 912-369-8327                                        FAX 912-437-2721


Pembroke Office                                          Reidsville Office

Post Office Box 1270                                     Post Office Box 37

Pembroke, Georgia  31321                             Reidsville, Georgia  30453

151 S College Street                                       114 Brazell Street, Courthouse Square

Courthouse, 2nd Floor, Room 210                  912-557-4426

912-653-4605                                                  FAX 912-557-4428 

FAX 912-653-4606   





Serving the following counties: Bryan, Evans, Liberty, Long, McIntosh, and Tattnall.


It is very important to make sure your attorney, your bondsman, and the Clerk of Court have your current address on file.  The Clerk’s office mails notices of court dates.  If you fail to appear because you did not give them your updated address, a Bench Warrant may be issued for your arrest.  It is your responsibility to notify the Clerk’s Office of any change in address: filing a change of address with the Post Office is not sufficient. 


Our office can not give legal advice to anyone who is not a current client in a pending case. Our representation is limited to that case.  You must apply for a Public Defender for each individual case. 


Our office handles criminal cases in Superior, State, and Juvenile Courts in which the state has brought an action against a person, not including McIntosh County State Court. Our office does not handle divorce, custody, or civil cases.  You may contact the closest Legal Aid Office in Savannah by calling 912-651-2180. 


You may not apply for a Public Defender for someone who is incarcerated.  Our staff visits with defendants in jail within the Atlantic Judicial Circuit on a regular basis to take Applications for a Public Defender. 


Applications may not be made over the phone.  We must have the original signatures of clients applying for a Public Defender.  You may apply in person at one of our offices: please call first to ensure your case is a type of case that our office handles and to ensure that someone is in the office at that time.  Our office may close during business hours for court coverage. 


Effective January 1, 2013, to apply for a State Court case in Liberty or Long please contact the Liberty Office at (912) 369-6338. For Bryan County, contact (912) 653-4605, Tattnall and Evans State cases contact (912) 557-4426, and for McIntosh County State Court contract Mr. Sam Oliver at (912) 437.4090.


(link to GPDSC – Georgia Public Defender Standards Council )


Once our office accepts an Application for a Public Defender, if an attorney from our office declares a conflict of interest in handling your case, your case will be forwarded to our main office in Atlanta, where your case will be assigned to an outside attorney, on a case by case basis.




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