Fire Services

Fire Services


Liberty County owns and operates two fire stations, at four locations.  Two locations are in Gumbranch community through Station 15 and two through Station 12, one at Lake George and one in Fleming.  The fire station in the East District is run as a non-profit organization.  The remaining two stations are owned and operated by their respective municipals.  They contract with Liberty County to cover the county surrounding their cities. 

With the support of 114 fire fighters, Liberty County safeguard lives and property.  The brave men and women who risk their lives to protect yours have extensive education, training, preparedness, and dedication to respond day or night.  

Fire Stations in Your Area:

In addition to saving lives and property, the department of fire services supports “Carolyn”.  “Carolyn” is a solid pink fire truck in support of breast cancer awareness.  Named after Mrs. Carolyn Brown Stevens, wife of Commissioner Marion Stevens Sr., native of Liberty County, who lost the battle with the disease on July 17, 2009.  This special fire truck appears at special events and by request to promote awareness.  To request an appearance of “Carolyn” at your breast cancer fundraiser or event, contact fire services at 912 - 876 - 4511 for more information. “Pink Heals”


Be courteous to our active fire engines by pulling off the road when possible when lights and sirens sound. It will help to save a love one's life.

Tips to prepare your family in case of fire:

Keep a fire extinguisher in your home and in easy reach.

Make a plan of action for your family that includes a meeting place outside of the home, an escape from each room, and rehearse how to crawl from a room that may fill with smoke.

Talk with children of risk of fire and what they can to to protect themselves.


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